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Kuwait Oil Company
Kuwait Oil Company's Responsibilities under the KPC's Umbrella involve the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas within the State of Kuwait. The Company is also involved in the storage of crude oil and delivery to tankers for export

Recruitment Process

Our task is to ensure that the flow of the recruitment steps to get the candidates recruited from point 1 – to – point 5 goes as smooth as possible without any disruptions in the process, from the time you apply to the signing of your contract. It is our objective to give you the best service, help and support during the recruitment process


Who we look for

KOC is looking for highly motivated and highly skilled candidates in various professional fields, preferably in the fields of Exploration and Production.
If you are interested, this will be your recruitment process:

If you think, your CV displays the talent, skills and abilities that we are seeking, we would like you to submit your CV through our ‘I-Recruitment’ Page.

If the application process is successful, you will then be invited to a face-to-face interview with some of our technical representatives from the relevant team that wants to recruit you via a ‘Visit Visa’. The will take place at our Headquarters in Ahmadi (Kuwait), or at a recruitment event elsewhere in the world. Occasionally, we can also perform an interview via video conferencing.

After obtaining Kuwait Oil Company’s authorization, KOC will hand you a written provisional offer of employment. The offer indicates the Grade & Salary offered subject to prior satisfaction of the following conditions:
• That you must be medically fit by the Company’s medical officer.
• That the Kuwait state authorities certify there is no objection to your employment.
• The offer is valid for a period of 90 days only, provided we receive your acceptance within 15 days.

Upon the acceptance of the KOC offer of employment, you will be designated to one of the Recruitment Team’s recruitment officers that will help in guiding you to assemble the required documents and steps that are needed, including:
• Undertaking a medical examination.
• Carrying out a background check by the Kuwait Embassy.
• Obtaining degrees/certificates that have to be authorized by the Kuwait Embassy.
• Having a visa, which we will have arranged for you with the Kuwait government, pending the assurance you are ‘Medically Fit’ by KOC Hospital’s medical review board according to your medical examination results.
• Submit a notice to your current employer.
• Receiving airline ticket depending on the date you prefer to travel within the timeframe of your issued visa.
• Travelling to Kuwait.

Kuwait Oil Company recruitment representatives will meet you on arrival and take you to your accommodation at the KOC Guest House in Ahmadi (Kuwait).

In order to work in Kuwait, you must adhere to the Kuwait Government’s regulations in the process of obtaining a work visa and a Kuwait residency permit.
The KOC Recruitment Team will support you during the course of the visa and residency process.

Requirements for Entry into Kuwait 

You are requested to complete the below mentioned process before departure to Kuwait.


Visa Endorsement

Once you received the visa from KOC, you are requested to contact The Embassy of Kuwait in your country. The Embassy of Kuwait will provide you with detail requirements on visa endorsement.  Kindly find below the examples of requirement to entry into Kuwait.

1.A complete physical examination for contagious or disabling diseases including HIV, Viral Hepatitis B, Viral Hepatitis C etc. (All the lab results and a letter from the doctor is required) for everyone over the age of 12 years old.

2.Police clearance certificate must be valid for 3 months certified by the department of Foreign Affairs in your country and the Embassy of the State of Kuwait and (This certificate will be used in Kuwait for getting employee residency visa) this certificate applies only to applicants who are 17 years and over.

3.Employee Educational Degree. The university registrar must certify that the degree is official, then it must be authenticated by the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country and the Embassy of the State of Kuwait.
*Note: Processing the visa application by the Embassy takes 2-3 working days.
Documents that all new hires should bring with them to Kuwait:
•The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country and the Embassy of Kuwait should authenticate your original Driving License.
•Copies of passports (wife and children), with the validity of the passports remaining for at least six months.
•Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificates for children authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country and the Embassy of Kuwait for dependent visas.
•Most recent school report (for children).
•Record of vaccination (if further vaccination is required for children).
•If the employee’s wife is going to work in Kuwait, then it also a requirement to bring her Educational (degree) Certificate, attested by university/institute, authenticated by the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country and the Embassy of the State of Kuwait.
•Own Country bank details (If applicable IBAN and SWIFT codes).

Have a safe journey and welcome to Kuwait


Recruitment Process upon Arrival

Upon Mobilization to Kuwait for Expats, the KOC Representatives will do all the following:

1.KOC Representatives receive the candidate from the airport.
2.They will help in getting a mobile line in the airport.
3.Deliver the candidates to KOC Guest House.
4.The following day, the candidate signs the contract unless it is a weekend (Friday & Saturday).
5.KOC Representatives asks for the Bachelor’s Degree, Police Clearance documents from the candidate.
6.They will translate and attest the documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice.
7.The candidates will get an advanced salary of KD 600, which later on will be deducted from their end of the month salary.
8.The candidates will be escorted to the bank to open a bank account.
9.The candidates will be transported to the relevant team if in the B-Buildings, Tameer and Hospital, buildings/sites that do not need security clearance. 
10.If security clearance is needed for sites or restricted areas, the candidates will be staying in the Guest House for 2-3 days more until they issue the gate pass and send requests for the transport team to transport the employee to the site.
11.The employee will then wait until advanced salary KD 600, bachelor’s degree and police clearance are ready.
12.The same day the employee will be transported to the passport office to submit his/her personal documents and the additional documents that were attested and cleared.
13.A Medical Appointment Test (By the Ministry of Health) will have to be undertaken by the employee.
14.An Appointment for fingerprints (By the Ministry of Interior) to be done by the employee.
15.The employee receives the residency on his/her passport (By the Ministry of Interior).
16.Same day the employee receives the residency they will be escorted to the passport office in KOC to apply for the Civil ID.
17.A week later the employee receives their Civil ID. 

In addition to the process of mobilization, the KOC Representatives also do the following:


·         Tour of the country.
·         Tour of apartments for rent.
·         Tour of the schools.

·         Deliver the employees to the embassies and back in regards to their family visas, etc.