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Kuwait Oil Company
Kuwait Oil Company's Responsibilities under the KPC's Umbrella involve the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas within the State of Kuwait. The Company is also involved in the storage of crude oil and delivery to tankers for export
The Visa Process
Citizens from all countries except those from Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) States, wishing to visit Kuwait are required to obtain a visa before entering Kuwait. In the case of assuming duty with KOC, the Passport and Travel Team of KOC (located on the premises of KOC in Ahmadi) will apply for a working visa and residency permit for the employee and his/her dependents.
Prior to entry on a work visa or a visit visa, a medical assessment must be passed in order to complete your residency procedure, which includes the now obligatory Hepatitis and AIDS test.
Visit visas are available on arrival at Kuwait International Airport for passport holders from major European countries, North America, and Southeast Asian countries including Singapore. The cost of a visit visa is KD 3, except for citizens of the UK, USA, Italy, Norway and Sweden, for whom there is no charge. All other visitors to Kuwait, other than GCC citizens, require a visa and need to be “sponsored.” Sponsorship may only be provided by a Kuwaiti citizen or a Kuwaiti company.
Foreigners with a valid residence permit are permitted to sponsor dependents. To work in Kuwait, you need a work permit and a residence visa.
People recruited from overseas usually have a work permit sent to them by their company, which will be endorsed by the local Kuwaiti embassy, and an entry visa will be issued to fly in on.
Employees will also need a medical certificate confirming they are fit to work. If you sign your contract in Kuwait while on a visit visa, you will need to leave Kuwait and go through the same process.  
Documents to bring to Kuwait
New employees are strongly advised to bring the following documents with them to Kuwait:
  • A current passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • Original University degree certificate authenticated plus five (5) copies. The authentication should be through your Education Ministry and then certified by the local Kuwait Embassy in your home country.
  • Police clearance should be valid at least 3 months (must be authenticated by the local Kuwait in your home country).
  • 20 photographs, size 4 cm x 6 cm with a blue background and your face looking directly at the camera. The face should take 70% to 80% of the photograph. If the person is wearing glasses, another set of twenty photographs of the same specification is required.
  • Current driving license valid in the home country.
  • Original and authenticated marriage certificate, if applicable.
  • Original and authenticated birth certificates for wife and children.
  • Copy of passport details page for wife and children.
  • Home country bank details (IBAN and SWIFT codes, if applicable).
  • If a spouse intends to work, he or she should bring five copies of an authenticated degree.
  • Your children’s latest school report cards and information.