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Kuwait Oil Company
Kuwait Oil Company
Kuwait Oil Company's Responsibilities under the KPC's Umbrella involve the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas within the State of Kuwait. The Company is also involved in the storage of crude oil and delivery to tankers for export

Export & Marine

Export & Marine Operations Group is responsible for receiving, mixing, storingCN71-14.jpg
and exporting crude oil, as well as the marine operations at all the oil terminals in the State of Kuwait. The Group is also the gateway for the country’s entire hydrocarbon production.

E&MO performs two main functions :

  • Transporting crude from the producing assets to the customers (Export Teams).

  • Facilitating the movements of shipping associated with the export of Crude from Kuwait Ports (Marine Teams).

Export & Marine Operations Group (E&MO) plays a critical role for KOC, KPC, KNPC & EQUATE. It is through E&MO that all crude oil produced by the State of Kuwait reaches its customers, both domestic (e.g. the KNPC refineries) and international. E&MO is therefore a potential bottleneck in the supply chain.


Marine Operations

KOC owns, represented by its Marine Operations Team 29 different marine crafts.

  • Berthing / un-berthing of oil tankers to / from KPC terminals and preparing monthly / annual enumerations and statistics for port revenues.
  • Controlling navigation, ship movements and Marine Operations activities within Mina Al-Ahmadi sea area. Ensure – with other Teams - the preparedness of port facilities, channels and navigation aids to receive all types of vessels.
  • Providing marine consultancy for KPC & KNPC Export Operations and Marine Operations Services to third parties as and when required.
  • Providing marine oil spill combating operations for the middle area of Kuwait coast (from Ras Al-Ard to Ras Al-Julia’ ah). Assistance can be extended to include the north & south shores and the whole Gulf region up to Oman, as per RECSO agreement.
  • Carrying out marine fire fighting for any visiting tankers, as well as oil terminal fire incidents, and being prepared for any search and rescue operations.
  • Transferring and transporting of staff and equipment to / from export facilities and sea terminals.
  • Providing marine technical consultation for any new expansion of export terminals, facilities, tugs, crafts and other marine related issues.

Marine ServicesCN6615-077.jpg

  • Availability of all vessels of KOC marine fleet, oil combating equipment / barges, Single Point Moorings (SPM’s) and navigational buoys for safe & effective operation.

  • Ensure adherence to KOC HSE rules and regulations at all work sites.

  • Provide technical support & consultancy services on marine activities within KOC, KPC & its subsidiaries, and any other organization, such as diving teams and Kuwait EPA.

  • Provide training for Kuwaiti nationals on marine activities and personnel development.


Export Operation

  • Crude Oil Receiving: The main function of Export Operation is to receive crude oil from all KOC GCs on a 24 hour basis. Crude then goes to the central mixing manifold to get the KEC after which it will be stored it in the Tank Farms temporarily before being supplied to the following :

    • Export ships via 5 loading terminals.

    • The 3 KNPC refineries.

    • MEW power stations.

  • Storage & Gravity Loading: The received crude oil is allowed to settle in the CN198-11.jpgtanks for water separation. The accumulated water is then drained out prior to allocating the tanks for export to ships / supply to refineries.

  • Export Loading Pier Facilities: Two pier loading facilities are available which are owned, operated and maintained by KNPC, while the related marine operations are carried out by KOC.

  • Metering Facilities.

  • Export Operations Laboratory: Analysis of crude oil at all stages whilst in the custody of Export Operations. Starting with initial receipt from production areas to export for shipping or transfer to refineries within Kuwait.

  • Water Section: The main function of the Water Section is to assist the Fire Team by supplying them with water in case of emergency.

However, other related duties are performed as follows:

- Receiving fresh and brackish water from MEW and Abdaliyah.

- Storing water in the water storage tanks at the South Tank Farm after chemically treating it.

- Supplying the Ahmadi Residential Area with fresh and brackish water.

- Supplying the Burgan and Magwa Gathering Centers with brackish water.


Export Maintenance:

Tank Cleaning, Disludging and Repair: Scheduled cleaning, disludging and repair of crude oil tanks and water tanks at North Tank Farm, South Tank Farm and all KOC field areas. Also, conducting preventive maintenance for all tanks in KOC field areas.

Facility Maintenance: Maintaining integrity of all Export Operations crude oil and water installations & pipelines, including Electrical and instruments, fire fighting equipment, rotating equipment’s, MAA Sea Island & SPM facilities, water section facilities pertaining to fresh & brackish water, and fire equipment. Maintenance of new Export Facility in the North Pier (Mangaf Area) is under the responsibility of the Team.

Building & A/C Maintenance: Maintenance and renovation of all E&MO Group Buildings.
Service Contracts: Preparation and handling of service contracts such as tank cleaning, disludging & repair, building maintenance, metering facilities, maintenance of firefighting systems, maintenance of fire & gas detection systems, technical services & maintenance of power turbine for MAA pump units.


Export Technical Services:CN5154-44.jpg

  • Provides technical services to Export Operations and participates with Engineering & Major Projects Groups to enhance operability & amenability of new projects. This involves technical review and approval of front-end / detailed engineering, projects and vendor documentation & manuals.

  • Preparation of budget proposals and follow-up with contracts handled by Engineering & Major Projects Group, including punch listing and acceptance of completed projects.

  • Crude oil movement & documentation (i.e. preparation of daily stock, off-takes reports, vessel documentation, calculating crude oil cargo B/L quantities, coordinating with KPC & third party
    Inspection agencies, etc.)

  • Loss Control for crude oil assets handled by Export Operations to ensure consistently accurate and reliable quality & quantity measurement (including facilities and procedures) that meet or exceed industry standard.


Health, Safety & Environment

The unique nature of E&MO Group necessitates the presence of an HSE Team at theT8125- (34).jpg Group level.
HSE- E&MO Team is responsible for:

  • Communicating Company Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Policy to employees & contractors and ensuring successful implementation of HSE Management System for continual improvement of Group HSE performance.

  • Ensuring E&MO Group compliance with Kuwait Environmental Protection Authority (KEPA).

  • Conducting periodic HSE site inspections for E&MO Teams’ facilities to minimize impacts of Export & Marine Operations activities on HSE and ensuring safety and integrity of facilities and equipment.

  • Developing in coordination with E&MO Teams HSE risk register and risk matrix for various hazards related to the Teams’ activities, establishing an action plan for mitigating high and medium risk elements.

  • Reviewing project HSE plans, participating in HAZOP Study and PHSER and providing technical support with recommendations.

  • Evaluating Group preparedness and performance during emergency drills, including land and marine oil spills.

  • Conducting incident investigations to assess root causes and submitting recommendations to avoid recurrence of similar incidents.

  • Enhancing HSE awareness and culture by conducting training sessions / campaigns for KOC employees and contractors and generating posters and brochures.