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Innovation And Technology
 The primary objective for R&D group is to design the operation model for KIPRC, oversee the design and construction of the KIPRC facility, and work on collaborating with Research Centers, Academia and Service providers for the efficient delivery of the research projects.


In order to manage these activities three teams have been created within R&D group to manage its day to day activities and ensuring that KIPRC is established as a world class center for Research Development and Technology.  In addition to this, as per Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) directive R&D group is also managing the Center of Excellence (CoE) team to achieve integrated vision for optimization, collaboration and synergy across the upstream subsidiaries. Below further description has been provided to illustrate the role and function for each team within R&D group.
Planning & Support Team:
Key Responsibilities
Planning & Coordination
  • Develop and maintain the master plan of KIPRC
  • Consolidate the 5-years roadmap input in the yearly R&D Group action plan
  • Consolidate CAPEX and OPEX budget requirements
  • Develop the group’s balanced scorecard  (BSC), including key performance indicators
  • Monitor and report on progress and coordinate delivery of  group planning activities
Set-up and Implementation of Organization & Governance Model
  • Develop organizational structure for Incubation and Steady State phases
  • Detail and map the R&D/TM related processes
  • Identify manpower requirement
  • Shape the governance structure
  • Roll-out Incubation organization and governance structure
Provision of Delivery Enablers
  • Develop recruitment plan and recruitment strategy for KIPRC
  • Develop policies and procedures and secure required approvals
  • Prepare job descriptions, write SLA’s, design and implement organization structure, grading & salary structure
  • Plan and coordinate recruitment activities and on-boarding process
  • Set-up capability development programs (e.g., PhD program)
  • Coordinate internal and external communication related activities
Execution of Other Studies
  • Lead the design and implementation of other studies (e.g., Center of Excellence)
  • Ensure the alignment of other K-initiatives with the KIPRC plan
Programmes Team:
Key Responsibilities
Design and deliver the R&D/TM Roadmap as follows:
  • Develop the 5-year R&D/TM roadmap and provide input to yearly action plan
  • Define and implement collaboration model to deliver R&D/TM roadmap
  • Specify the capabilities (i.e., people and facilities) required to implement the R&D roadmap
  • Outline budget requirements for delivery of roadmap and yearly action plan
  • Manage internal and external interfaces (e.g., R&T and KOC Groups, external collaborators) in relation to project delivery
  • Contribute to the recruitment process (e.g., hold interviews, present R&D roadmap at recruitment events)
  • Lead the implementation of roadmap
  • Manage the ideation process
Project Management Team:
Key Responsibilities
Implement KIPRC R&D Center as follows:
  • Act as a focal point for KIPRC’s facility and labs design
  • Consolidate KIPRC’s lab related requirements (e.g. equipment, layout) in coordination with internal stakeholders (e.g Program)  and external stakeholders (e.g. PMC, EPC)
  • Outline budget requirements for delivery of KIPRC facilities and facilitate relevant approvals
  • Support preparation of DSP related documentation for the construction of KIPRC’s facilities
  • Represent KIPRC’s interests in the major projects stage gate process (e.g., list of firms to be invited, selection criteria)
  • Develop the HSE requirements, policies and procedures of KIPRC’s labs in line with world-class standards
  • Support the supervision of architectural design and construction contractor
  • Monitor progress and report to management on the progress of construction related activities
  • Coordinate procurement activities of scientific lab equipment
  • Maintain library for all facilities and lab related operating manual 
Centre of Excellence:
Key Responsibilities
Knowledge Sharing/Functional Excellence:
  • Adoption of external and creation of internal standards
      Project execution
      Quality assurance
  • Capture and distribution of best practices
  • Inclusion of best practices through early involvement with field in planning and development
  • Design and implementation of procedures (e.g. peer reviews) to provide technical assurance
  • Quality technical services to high-priority issues
  • Tracking and support of functional performance
Technical Advisory/Expertise:
  • Provision of specialized and expert technical services to the operating companies / different Directorates
  • Technical support during opportunity identification and project classification
  • IT and IM technical services support, mainly in project management tools, IT platforms for technical information sharing
Capability/Talent Development:
  • Development of technical talent through on-job experiences
  • Career path development for technical talent
  • Development of new hires
  • Succession plan development for engineering and technical activities
  • Mentoring for technical talent























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