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Kuwait Oil Company
Kuwait Oil Company's Responsibilities under the KPC's Umbrella involve the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas within the State of Kuwait. The Company is also involved in the storage of crude oil and delivery to tankers for export

2030 Strategy

KPC Upstream Mission:

To explore, develop and produce hydrocarbons within the State of Kuwait, DSCF7883.jpgthe Divided Zone and internationally and so be a secure and reliable supplier to our customers, promote the care and development of our people and deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders in a compliant, profitable, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

KPC Upstream Vision:

To achieve a leading global position in Upstream Oil & Gas as an integrated, value-driven enterprise, by Maximizing the strategic value from oil, realizing the potential of gas, growing, reserves for a sustainable future, being an employer of choice, realizing value from technology, strengthening our commitment to HSSE, striving for excellence in performance, and contributing to the Enterprise and State.


KPC Upstream Values


Integrity: We will act with openness, trust, respect, fairness, transparency, honesty,
               reliability, high ethical standards, professionalism, accountability.
Motivation:  Collaborative work place, teamwork; loyal environment driven by appropriate performance culture.
Corporate Thinking: Care for KPC’s interest and issues and ensure alignment to achieve
                              KPC’s overall goals as a total rather than segment.

Commitment to HSSE and Society:
                -Commitment to environmental protection, safety, security, and healthy workplace.
                -Corporate social responsibility in Kuwait and in host communities.
Partnership: Build  and sustain  long-term, value-adding relationships that support growth
                   and enhance operational excellence.
Flexibility: Willingness to change, Innovation, Responsiveness.
Excellence: High performance, operational excellence, continuous improvement, high quality products
                  and services, customer focus.



2030 KPC Upstream Strategic Objectives


1.    Maximize the Strategic Value from OilCN5494-186.jpg

Be a secure and reliable supplier in response to customer needs and, through the growth of technical capability and operating capacity, optimize the integrated value chain with a diverse range of crude qualities.

2.    Realize the Potential of Gas

Optimize the production and utilization of associated gas and maximize production of non-associated gas in support of the energy requirements for the State of Kuwait, its environmental objectives and the creation of value.

3.    Grow Reserves for a Sustainable Future

Optimize and promote a portfolio of hydrocarbon resources that supports & sustains growth through aggressive onshore & offshore exploration and new acquisitions, and the application of appropriate reservoir management practices.

4.    Be an Employer of ChoiceCopy of CN7274-016.jpg

Recruit and retain talented people and provide a highly performance-oriented
environment that motivates and supports development of leadership and technical capabilities.

5.    Realize Value from Technology

Pursue a value-driven approach to research, identify, develop and deploy appropriate core and enabling technology solutions through investments, partnerships and technology transfer mechanisms.

6.    Strengthen our Commitment to HSSE

Achieve World Class performance and local compliance for Health, Security, Safety & Environment through definition, application and adherence to consistent policies and standards and the sharing of best practices.

7.    Strive for Excellence in Performance DG0070-046.jpg

Strengthen a performance-driven and commercially-focused culture that maximizes
value and manages risk through high standards, clarity of accountability and efficiency of business processes within a dynamic organisation.

8.    Contribute to Enterprise & State

Be a responsible corporate citizen in proactively building an integrated enterprise, engaging third parties, acting as a positive role model for Kuwait and visibly contributing to local content.