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The scale of KwIDF is huge. Four different fields in Kuwait, four KOC digital field pilot projects - all advance at the same time! KOC is working with four partners, to develop the integrated digital solutions for four different sets of challenges. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and a collaborative work environment is at the heart of each of the KwIDF pilot projects. In the oil and gas industry there has never been anything like it!


KwIDF-  Envisioning KOC's Digital Journey
Dr. Adel Al-Abassi,
R&T Manager and KwIDF’s visionary sponsor
dr abbasi.jpg
Kuwait, 2010 - “KOC’s vision is to make a strategic investment in leading edge technology for Exploration and Production. The new software will deliver significant returns in terms of speeding up processes and automation of machines to collect and analyze data. The new technology will enable our people to make ‘smart’ decisions through better information gathered to optimize the quality of work.”
“KwIDF will create better tools and capabilities enabling our people to do their day to day jobs more efficiently. KwIDF is a collaborative initiative across all of KOC and not just an R&T project – linking us all of us together with a common goal and we’re all carrying the flag. The benefits of the new smart technology will distribute control across the whole business and it is everyone’s responsibility.”
“The biggest challenge to the project is helping people alleviate their worries – this is the most important aspect of the pilot. For KwIDF to succeed some of us will need to overcome any fears, uncertainties or doubts – which is likely to exist within the business. This will involve a collective mindset change – that the new technology will enable us all to do a better job and the technology is not being implemented to replace us. Change management is a critical success factor to ensure we this is achieved.”
"We have provided the most promising vision for KOC's future"
Mr. Ahmad Al-Jasmi
Team Leader R&T Surface and KwIDF Program Lead


KwIDF is, without doubt, one of KOC’s most complex, ambitious and strategic projects. It aims not only to optimize production and help the company meet the challenges of the 2030 Strategy but most importantly it aims to drive KOC into a sustainable future by changing the ways of doing business.
What makes KwIDF so unique?
This project started with Dr. Adel Al-Abbasi’s vision, and we have driven the whole execution of the KwIDF projects (Sabriyah, GC1, and Jurassic) together with the Project Managers. Once the vision was set, we started looking around the world to see if our vision existed, and it didn’t. Our partners in the KwIDF projects had to develop every single aspect of the project, from the workflows to the collaborative work environments that we now call Collaboration Centers. So our vision, our project, is absolutely unique in the world.
Which is your biggest challenge?
Undoubtedly, the challenge regards the change that will need to happen in order to make this vision work. KwIDF is not only about technology; it is mainly about the people behind the technology. KwIDF proposes a new model of doing business; it really exponentially increases the creativity of all our engineers, across all
disciplines. When you work in a collaborative manner, results are faster because the decision making process involves everybody. And now, our biggest challenge is to shift to a collaborative way of working.
Why do you believe in KwIDF?
Because it’s the only possible path to a sustainable future. We are providing new technology to find new oil in old reservoirs. Managing our reservoirs adequately is our only option to sustain our wealth as a country. If you want to see this way, KwIDF is Kuwait’s insurance policy for the years to come. Another very important reason is because it improves all kinds of health and safety issues related to the work in the field.


Visionary Board Members
KwIDF is Our Future!
Mr. Sami Fahad Al-Rushaid-Chairman and Managing Director KOC
A very important step in turning our Vision into reality is the Kuwait Integrated Digital Field Project (KwIDF); a huge venture that partners our Company with Halliburton, Schlumberger, Weatherford and BakerHughes.
As one of the most important Research and Technology (R&T) projects to be delivered in the next few years, it is central to our 2030 Strategy and will transform our operations and work processes.
Mr Sami Al-Rushaid.jpg

KwIDF is paramount not only to KOC's future, but to the country's future as well
 Mr. Mohammad Hussain, Deputy Chairman and DMD
KOC's Senior Management is completely aligned with KwIDF’s objectives . "Leadership involvement is very important to the success of the KwIDF project and is key to achieving the goals of the 2030 strategy. People look to leadership for commitment and direction, and it is our duty as leaders to provide this.

KwIDF is a very important lever of change for KOC, and it is really good to see the Change Management efforts underway, encouraging people to explore and commit to the project and change process.”

“It is also very good to see a sound Human Resources plan, which will ensure that the right people are in place in the Collaboration Centers and that they are developed. DMDs, Managers and Team Leaders need to sponsor and open certain activities, and ensure that this is seen as the way forward in KOC and not just a transition period.”

Mr Mohammed Hussain.jpg
KwIDF is not a Pilot, it's the Beginning of the Journey
Mr. Khalid Al-Sumaiti, DMD Exploration & Production Development
KwIDF project as the very core of building a new transformed KOC. “It’s a business imperative that we radically change how we work. We need to break down barriers in the company between teams, departments and people at all levels. Collaboration is the future – making quick, accurate decisions will enable us to build a Company that is responsive, forward thinking and a true leader
Mr Khalid Al Sumaiti.jpg
KwIDF is much more than technology.
Mrs. Hosnia Hashem, DMD North Kuwait
Decisions have to be taken by people with knowledge and expertise. “We Will Support our People to Achieve a Smooth Transition” to the Digital era of KwIDF.
As we move into this new decade things are changing radically on many fronts. Costs have soared and we face many challenges in production. We also have to consider the environmental impact of what we do to balance the ecological future of our country with commercial aspirations.
That’s why we are investing heavily in the Kuwait Integrated Digital Field project (KwIDF) as one of the most strategic initiatives for KOC. We need to think smarter, operate smarter, empower our people to use their talent and become much more cost effective.
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Time for a Change: KwIDF
Mr. Hashem Hashem, DMD, South & East Kuwait
The Kuwait Integrated Digital Fields KwIDF initiative is a real opportunity to improve radically the effectiveness of our decision making process; it will also enable us to manage our reservoirs efficiently and optimize the production of our wells.
There will be major benefits for KOC and South & East Kuwait Directorate
 Mr Hashem Hashem.jpg