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The scale of KwIDF is huge. Four different fields in Kuwait, four KOC digital field pilot projects - all advance at the same time! KOC is working with four partners, to develop the integrated digital solutions for four different sets of challenges. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and a collaborative work environment is at the heart of each of the KwIDF pilot projects. In the oil and gas industry there has never been anything like it!

Jurassic: the digital view of North Kuwait

The Gas Development Group of KOC is currently focused on the upstream development of the North Kuwait Jurassic Gas project, and implementing a Jurassic KwIDF Project (Kuwait Integrated Digital Field) is instrumental in this integrated gas/condensate/light oil development.
KwIDF Jurassic is a one of KOC digital oilfield projects delivering value through the automation of the North Jurassic gas field using advanced E&P software, sophisticated hardware, and wireless telecommunications technology to transmit data from the wellsite to the KOC Ahmadi offices. This project includes a purpose-built Collaboration Center with technical meeting rooms equipped for viewing 3D data on high-resolution workstation monitors and large, wall-mounted screens.

KOC advances ahead with its KwIDF Jurassic Project and has clear strategy to maximize the gas field’s ultimate recovery and maintain its production regularity. To minimize wellsite interventions due to the toxic nature of the Jurassic gas field’s flow stream, intelligent automated systems are developed and integrated with advanced wireless instrumentation. This sophisticated technology driven by remotely operated production management and surveillance software, is part of the new, state-of-the-art intelligent Data Management System implementation.

In the KwIDF Jurassic project, the complex geology is evidenced by areas with a tight rock matrix associated with a dense network of connected fractures. While this leads to good production, there is also a high probability of liquid loading. Further complexity is found in other areas of the same structure, which have very poor reservoir properties with a sparse fracture network.
With the KwIDF Jurassic Project KOC continues to develop a knowledge-based culture, one in which information is integrated, easily shared and readily accessible. The aim is for the KOC engineers and geoscientists to be able to leverage the enterprise-wide information, so that better business decisions will be made more effectively.
The KwIDF Jurassic optimization allows the engineers to see the optimized value against the real value obtained from the field. KwIDF Jurassic is a living project with a long, bright future. Over time, new digital oil field capabilities will motivate and inspire the ongoing evolution of engineering workflows and best practices that will further improve the work environment. Therefore, implementation should not be thought of as the end, but rather as a new beginning for unlocking the potential of KOC engineers.