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The scale of KwIDF is huge. Four different fields in Kuwait, four KOC digital field pilot projects - all advance at the same time! KOC is working with four partners, to develop the integrated digital solutions for four different sets of challenges. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and a collaborative work environment is at the heart of each of the KwIDF pilot projects. In the oil and gas industry there has never been anything like it!

The Jurassic KwIDF pilot shows the value of integrated operations through the collaborative work of KOC people

Much of the attention of the KwIDF Jurassic Collaboration Center has been focused on the delivery of technology to date. However, it is recognized that to embed the capabilities within the organization it is also important to ensure employees who use the systems and technology are also involved. Numerous training programs have been delivered to support teams engage with the systems.
Informally, sharing of best practice and lessons learned along the way have also helped the embedding of the skills and knowledge which help employees carry out their work more efficiently and effectively.
On a daily basis they meet online from their work base to discuss the live status of the wells and are able to share the conversation with their teams. In this way, the Strategy room provides the opportunity for excellent collaborative working.
The Decision room, with its workstations and desktops, allows the Champions to gather data to support these meetings. Champions gather a wide cross section of data to develop an overall picture of the wells, and to drop down into detail where necessary. To do this, they engage regularly with their colleagues in the field to gain an understanding of well performance. 

Learning and development for the team is a continuous process. Champions can often be seen engaging with the wider team members and with Schlumberger technical staff to gain support and advice. They spend increasing amount of time working in the Decision room, gathering data to understand current status of the wells.
Champions, the KOC engineers, who first embraced ideas of digital oilfield work environment and now work at the KwIDF Jurassic Collaboration Center, acknowledge that the facilities and set-up help them to improve communication with their field team colleagues.