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The scale of KwIDF is huge. Four different fields in Kuwait, four KOC digital field pilot projects - all advance at the same time! KOC is working with four partners, to develop the integrated digital solutions for four different sets of challenges. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and a collaborative work environment is at the heart of each of the KwIDF pilot projects. In the oil and gas industry there has never been anything like it!

Sabriyah: the digital view of North Kuwait

The KOC on Kuwait Integrated Digital Field (KwIDF) Sabriyah pilot currently comprises of 49 wells. Every well is instrumented with state-of-the-art technology, from subsurface to surface, in order to acquire comprehensive real-time data. The Collaboration Centers (one in KOC’s Ahmadi office and the other one, in the field) are connected, and allow engineers from all disciplines across KOC to work together and take decisions on how to optimize production in a collaborative environment.

Data Acquisition Currently, 49 wells are being instrumented with the latest, state-of- the-art technology in an intelligent, integrated digital oilfields. This is some of the instrumentation being put in place, which captures the data from the wells.
Data Transmission Once gathered, all data is transmitted via WiMax to the SCADA system. This system feeds the different workflows that are visualized in the Collaboration Center in Ahmadi and in the Field Collaboration Room.

The Workflows The workflows are the heart of KwIDF. They are truly smart, groundbreaking solutions that analyze in seconds the data that is currently processed in days. These workflows present KOC engineers with predictions and with an advisory system on what should be done next.

The Collaborative Working Environments There are two collaborative working environments in Sabriyah project, which are connected and allow the KOC engineers in the Collaboration Center in Ahmadi and the Field Collaboration Room to work together.

The workflows, containing all the information from the field are visualized by a group of KOC engineers trained in the management of smart, integrated digital oilfields, who take decisions according to the information displayed in the WFs.

These decisions can be of a short loop (close or adjust a choke remotely), a medium loop (adjusting gas lift injection rates), or a long loop (reservoir management).
All decisions are to be taken in a collaborative manner. The main objective remains the same: to optimize production and improve overall HSE performance.

The People Though this is a strongly technology driven project, KwIDF is about the people. KwIDF Sabriyah project has a strong track record of working with the world’s foremost experts in delivering digital oilfield technology and associated training.
The first KwIDF Training Program in Integrated Digital Oilfields was delivered to a group of KOC engineers by Professor Iraj Ershaghi, Director of the Petroleum Engineering Program and Executive Director of the Center for Smart Oilfield Technologies of the University of Southern California's Viterbi School of Engineering.
KwIDF Sabriyah project continues to develop its “Champions” - the KOC engineers, who are empowered to manage the Integrated Digital Fields and drive the company to the future. KwIDF continues bringing the new ways of working across KOC organization.
The Future Sabriyah continues delivering success stories. In the near future, Kuwait's oil and gas fields will be all digital, asset management will be proactive, massive information volumes will be analyzed in seconds, reservoirs will be managed almost in real time and enhanced production opportunities will be identified. Kuwait's future looks bright from the Sabriyah field.