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The scale of KwIDF is huge. Four different fields in Kuwait, four KOC digital field pilot projects - all advance at the same time! KOC is working with four partners, to develop the integrated digital solutions for four different sets of challenges. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and a collaborative work environment is at the heart of each of the KwIDF pilot projects. In the oil and gas industry there has never been anything like it!
KwIDF raised great interest at 2nd KOC Technology day and stood out amongst 400 participants!
R&T Manager Mr Yousef Abdullrahman pointed out “the marriage between technology and manpower is the key to success and meeting current and upcoming challenges”. And KwIDF as one the most outstanding projects, is a shining example of that!
tech day 4.png
tech day 3.pngtech day 2.png
CEO Hashem S. Hashem reaffirmed the commitment of KOC’s Higher Management to continue to support and invest in project like KwIDF which promise reservoir growth, improved recovery operations, providing safe conditions and building Company’s reputation at the local, regional and international levels.
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