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Kuwait Oil Company has establish itself as one of the most efficient producers of Page8.jpghydrocarbons in the region, one of the lowest cost oil producing companies in the world, an internationally respected Oil Company for its capabilities and as a source of pride for its employees and the people of Kuwait.

The Company is conducting all its affairs, both in internal matters and in relationships with outside bodies, to the highest ethical and professional standards.

In achieving this vision, the Company’s principal strength is the skills of its employees’ expertise in accessing, transferring, using and managing appropriate technology, the ability to plan effectively for the future and the adoption of values and behaviors that will enhance the performance of the individual, the team and the Company, and will reflect positively upon the Company in the eyes of its customers and suppliers, the community and the State.

Kuwait Oil Company undertakes the recruitment of professional, highly qualified and IMG_9623.jpg

motivated expatriate staff as a key business priority.

As a prospective new employee, the aim of this page is to provide as much information as possible about working with the Company, and about Kuwait in general.  

We hope that the information provided would encourage you to join KOC and answer many of the initial questions that you may have. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Kuwait Oil Company and Kuwait; and hope for you a long and fruitful association with the Company.


About Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company has the important and privileged responsibility of providing energy to the world. Since 1934, our mission has been to explore, develop and produce Kuwait’s hydrocarbon resources. However, our job doesn’t just stop there. At KOC, we believe we can produce Kuwait’s most important resource in a way that is both economically viable and environmentally sound.

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