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Kuwait Oil Company
Kuwait Oil Company's Responsibilities under the KPC's Umbrella involve the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas within the State of Kuwait. The Company is also involved in the storage of crude oil and delivery to tankers for export


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News And Events
Kuwait Oil Company opens Al-Ritqa Fire Station
Kuwait Oil Company, represented by the Fire Group, has opened the Al-Ritqa Fire Station in North K...
KOC wins Special Achievement in Geographic Information Systems Award
​KOC won the SAG Award for 2020 in recognition of its Unified Geospatial Platform, KOC MapsPortal. ...
KOC takes part in fighting the Mina Abdullah fire
Acting on its principle of national responsibility, Kuwait Oil Company, represented by the Fire...
Installation of thermal cameras at the KOC Office Complex entrances
Within the framework of the preparations that are being made to restore normal life in the Comp...
CEO Emad Sultan inspects the Company’s preventive measures
KOC CEO Emad Mahmoud Sultan, accompanied by DCEO Admin Qusai Al-Amer, visited the building erected ...
Construction of Emergency Support Unit at Ahmadi Hospital is completed
Under the direction of the Company’s higher management, the Medical Group has completed the co...
Sterilization of KOC facilities in preparation for the return of work
In preparation for the resumption of a gradual return to work in all directorates, KOC is sterilizi...
Preparing KOC facilities for employees to return to work
​In preparation for the gradual return to work in all directorates, KOC is sterilizing its building...
Kuwait Oil Company Finalizes the Medical Staff Building
​Kuwait Oil Company has completed the preparation of the building that will house medical and nursin...
KOC Utilizes Barcodes to Track Labor Flow
​The Health and Safety Team of the Support Services Group (Export and Marine) has been organizing an...
Kuwait Oil Company Mobilizes all its Departments to Deal with the Pandemic
​Since the emergence of the novel Corona virus in Kuwait, and under the guidance of higher managemen...
Sterilization and Training of all Sanitation Workers in Gas Stations
​The Human Resources Team in the Gas Directorate has sterilized and trained all sanitation workers a...
Kuwait Oil Company Prepares the Kuwait Field Hospital
​In light of the current circumstances that the country is going through, and out of its commitment ...
Ahmadi Hospital performs special checkups for contractors
Within the framework of the health and preventive measures that are being taken by Kuwait Oil Compan...
Awareness sessions for employees working in catering and cleaning services
In line with KOC policies and higher management directives of taking all necessary preventive measur...
Raising awareness among contractors in the North Kuwait Directorate
In line with KOC policies and directives of the higher management to take all preventive measures an...
Installation of thermal cameras at the entrances of Company facilities
KOC strives to follow the highest level of efficiency in the measures it takes to prevent the novel ...
Kuwait Oil Company continues to prepare quarantine centers
​KOC has been making great efforts in the framework of its support for official procedures in differ...
Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh visits the site sheltering residency violators
The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior‪, Anas Al-Saleh‪, visited Chabd area to see the l...
Compensation of labor reduction to ensure all drilling rigs are working
From the first day of the crisis, the Drilling and Technical Support Directorate worked tirelessly t...
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