Our vision
KOC’s vision is to achieve a leading global position in upstream oil and gas as an integrated, value-driven enterprise by maximizing the strategic value from oil, realizing the potential of gas, growing reserves for a sustainable future, and striving for excellence in performance while contributing to the Company and the State of Kuwait. KOC aims to accomplish these goals through the following:

•  Maximizing the strategic value of crude oil
KOC aims to be a safe and reliable supplier of energy which meets the needs of our customers through the development of technical capabilities and operational strategies which achieve the highest degrees of integration within our chain of operations, in addition to diversifying our portfolio of crude oil types and qualities for our international customers. 

• Realize the Potential of Gas
Our ambitious approach toward gas operations will help KOC achieve its goal of ensuring a stable energy future for Kuwait. New projects have helped us realize the value of gas, and KOC now utilizes nearly 99% of its produced gas, which is used in downstream industries that create more value for the State of Kuwait. 

• Grow Reserves for a Sustainable Future​
We believe in working today for a better tomorrow. By expanding our onshore and offshore exploration activities and applying appropriate reservoir management practices, KOC aims to optimize and promote its portfolio of hydrocarbon resources in a way that is environmentally sustainable for Kuwait’s current and future needs. 

•  Be an Employer of Choice
At KOC, one of our underlying beliefs is that we can change the world for the better by tapping into the potential of the human element. By recruiting highly talented individuals and fostering the growth of their leadership and technical capabilities, we believe that we can retain our position as a leading oil and gas company that is recognized by everyone in the industry as an employer of choice. 

•  Realize Value from Technology
As a company, one of our objectives is to remain at the forefront of our field by remaining current with new and developing technologies related to geophysics and oil exploration. We aim to do this by pursuing a value-driven approach to research and identifying, developing, and deploying appropriate technology-related solutions through investments, partnerships, and knowledge transfer mechanisms.

• Strengthen Our Commitment to HSSE 
Our duty is to preserve what we have accomplished in the past and protect what we have today for the future. HSSE is one of KOC’s primary concerns, which is why we have invested much time and effort in establishing policies which comply with established policies and standards in the HSSE field which adhere to industry best practices. 

•  ​Strive for Excellence in Performance ​
At KOC, we are committed to engaging in world-class operational performance. By ensuring our employees are provided with the tools they need to continue providing energy to the world, we can strengthen our performance-driven and commercially-focused culture that maximizes value and manages risk through high standards and clarity of accountability.

• Contribute to Enterprise & State
KOC aims to continue assuming its role as a responsible corporate citizen by proactively building an integrated enterprise, engaging third parties, acting as a positive role model for Kuwait, and visibly contributing to social initiatives that take place on the local level.​

About Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company has the important and privileged responsibility of providing energy to the world. Since 1934, our mission has been to explore, develop and produce Kuwait’s hydrocarbon resources. However, our job doesn’t just stop there. At KOC, we believe we can produce Kuwait’s most important resource in a way that is both economically viable and environmentally sound.

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