At KOC, we believe in giving back to our community

As one of Kuwait’s oldest and most successful institutions, we have a responsibility to give back to our employees and community – the source from which we draw our success and prosperity. Throughout the years, KOC has funded and maintained many landmarks in and around Ahmadi, including several community centers and public parks. But our efforts extend far beyond that. Because we believe in the value of investing in our people and supporting our community, KOC has been responsible for the following initiatives:

  • Training and development programs for employees in order to develop skill sets within the Company.
  • Higher level education exchange programs to ensure the full potential of our employees is realized.
  • Social activities such as organizing National and Liberation Day celebrations, a gardening competition, photography competition, health and environmental awareness campaigns, and the very popular Ahmadi Sports Day.
  • Water and electricity conservation campaigns.
  • The provision of medical care for all KPC employees, their families, and Ahmadi residents through Ahmadi Hospital.
  • The construction of quarantine facilities and the provision of KOC’s Ahmadi Hospital medical services to various governmental institutions as needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The KOC Marine Colony

In order to help contribute to the important task of restoring harmony to the environment, KOC launched the Marine Colony Project as part of an effort to remediate some of the damage that was caused to Kuwait’s marine habitat after the 1990/91 invasion. The Marine Colony, near Ahmadi’s South Pier in the State of Kuwait, consists of 1,000 reef balls that have been placed on the seabed to help encourage marine life in the area.

In addition, KOC commissioned the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) to conduct an ecological assessment of the Marine Colony. A joint diving team comprised of KOC employees and individuals from KISR monitored the Marine Colony throughout all the seasons over the course of a year. Equipped with state of the art technology, the team managed to gather critical data that helped KOC better understand and protect marine life in Kuwait’s waters. Preliminary findings have been positive, and there are future plans to follow up on the significant impact the colony is making on Kuwait’s marine environment.

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KOC Environmental Preserves

As part of its effort to care for Kuwait’s natural environment, KOC has taken on the effort of creating a number of oases and nature preserves throughout the country. For example, the Abdaliya Project began as an initiative to clean up and preserve an area in West Kuwait that covers some three million square meters. In 2011, the area was fenced off and preparations were made to restore life to the area. Pools, lakes, and a system of water networks were constructed in order to create a habitat for birds and plants. A large number of fruit-bearing palm trees were planted, as were more than 20,000 plants that consisted of 30 different varieties. In the first year alone, migratory birds and flamingos began to settle in areas throughout the preserve. Today, the preserve has become a favorite location for schools to visit as a destination for field trips for students. It also serves as an extremely valuable site for bird watchers and those interested in plants that are native to the local environment.

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Meanwhile, the Subaihiya Oasis, near KOC’s Burgan field, covers an area of approximately 2.5 sq. km. With the help of the KOC Drilling Team, two wells were drilled that supply water to the man-made lake at the Subaihiya Oasis. The wells also supply the 20,000 fruit-bearing and wild trees and bushes that were planted at the oasis with water. The Subaihiya Oasis consists of an artificial lake with fish and ducks surrounded by several buildings and utilities. Clean energy is supplied to building and facilities at the Oasis. Solar panels were installed that produce 45 kilowatts of energy for the facility. These solar panels feed the main building’s electrical consumption. Windmills were also installed to produce 15 kilowatts of energy that feed water pumps that are used to water the plants at the oasis.


Social Activities

KOC believes that the Company is an integral part of Kuwait’s society. In addition to conducting its operations in the oil industry, it has a strong commitment to participate in various social activities which aim to improve the quality of life for Kuwait’s citizens and residents.

National Days

KOC actively takes part in various national occasions, notably the National and Liberation Days. The Company has a long-standing tradition of decorating Ahmadi with lights to commemorate these occasions. Recently, KOC has also been active in preparing lights and displays at Souq Mubarakiya to commemorate the national occasion.

Sponsorship and donation

The Company sponsors numerous events both inside and outside Kuwait, including international conferences and donation drives for humanitarian efforts around the world.

Power Saving Campaign

Due to the excessive consumption of water and electricity in the State of Kuwait, KOC initiated an awareness campaign in cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity & Water to conserve power throughout Kuwait, particularly during the summer months.

The Spring Camp

The Spring Camp was created as an all-inclusive entertainment resort for KOC staff and their families.

Ahmadi Sports Day

Ahmadi Sports Day was first held in March of 1974. In addition to Ahmadi Sports Day, the Company sponsors a number of sports and health-related activities for employees and their families.

Support for People with Special Needs

KOC does everything in its power to contribute to the society in which it operates, which includes the donation of an additional ward at the Kuwait Autism Center.

Gardens Competition

The KOC Garden Competition is an annual tradition that was launched in 1962 by H.H. the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah when he was governor of Ahmadi. The competition continues until the present day, and it enjoys the interest and interaction of the residents of Ahmadi.

Photography competition

KOC’s Photography Competition is an annual event which seeks to highlight the artistic potential of its employees.

Quran competition

The Company organizes an annual Quran Competition during the Holy Month of Ramadan for young students.

Honoring Academic Excellence

KOC organizes an annual event which recognizes exceptional students. The event features the participation of senior KOC officials in order to encourage young people to excel in their studies.


KOC has created several sports, entertainment, and social activity centers, including the Unity Center, the Sports Center, and the Hubara Club, which provide facilities for the Company’s staff and their families.

The Sport Center

The Sports Center was inaugurated in 1960. It includes several sports facilities to serve Kuwait Oil Company from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

The Unity Center

The Unity Center was inaugurated in 1962. It includes many facilities to serve Kuwait Oil Company from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Facilities at the Unity Center include the following:

  • Main Restaurant
  • Snooker Hall
  • Tennis Playgrounds
  • Assembly Hall
  • Ladies Café
  • Kids’ Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Playground
  • Football Playground
The Hubara Center

The Hubara Club was established in 1958. It contains several facilities to serve Kuwait Oil Company from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Facilities at the Hubara Club include the following:

  • Main Restaurant
  • Indoor Ladies Swimming Pool
  • Men Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Playgrounds
  • Squash Playgrounds
  • Assembly Hall
  • Ladies Café
  • Men Café
  • Basketball Playground
  • Football Playground (artificial grass)
  • Ladies Salon
  • Kids’ Restaurant
  • Kids’ Swimming Pool
  • Kids Garden (with games)

Ahmadi Hospital

Ahmadi Hospital was first established in 1960 to provide medical care to patients from Kuwait’s oil sector. In addition to providing care for oil sector employees and their families, the hospital also plays a key role in delivering instructive medical lectures and issuing booklets and brochures to the public to raise awareness about health-related issues.

Ahmadi Hospital offers a broad range of medical treatment, including Accident & Emergency, General Practice, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Ear, Nose & Throat, Dentistry, Preventative Medical Services, Radiology, Anesthesia, Physiotherapy, and Dietary Services.

About Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company has the important and privileged responsibility of providing energy to the world. Since 1934, our mission has been to explore, develop and produce Kuwait’s hydrocarbon resources. However, our job doesn’t just stop there. At KOC, we believe we can produce Kuwait’s most important resource in a way that is both economically viable and environmentally sound.

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