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Kuwait Oil Company
Kuwait Oil Company's Responsibilities under the KPC's Umbrella involve the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas within the State of Kuwait. The Company is also involved in the storage of crude oil and delivery to tankers for export

Kuwait Maritime Association Delegation Visits KOC

Manager Marine Operations Sami Al-Sawagh recently welcomed a delegation from the Kuwait Maritime Association on their recent visit to KOC.

The delegation included the Chairman of the Board of the Association, Captain Saud Al-Awadhi, his Deputy Captain Hamed Al-Henidi, Secretary Captain Ahmad Al-Awadhi, as well as Board Member Captain Talal Al-Abdullah.


The visit is part of the overall framework of the Kuwait Maritime Association’s announcement earlier this year to form an organization, after efforts since 1985 to become the first maritime association in Kuwait finally materialized. This association includes 50 members composed of marine specialists and marine engineers, among them 22 employees from KOC, in addition to other employees from the oil sector.


The delegation was welcomed by Manager Marine Operations Sami Al-Sawagh, who expressed his happiness with the association’s announcement. He also provided some advice and insight to its members due to his extensive experience in this field, while the Chairman of the Association expressed the readiness of its members to contribute to any efforts that might help contribute to the training and development of employees who work at sea.