KOC Holds “November 6th Cultural Competition” Draw


KOC, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, recently held a ceremony for the prize draw winners of the November 6th Cultural Competition.


The ceremony was attended by Manager Public Relations & Information Group Mohammad Al-Basry and Team Leader Public Relations Noora Al-Soula. The Ministry of Education was represented by Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Development and Activities Faisal Al-Maqseed, in addition to the Director of the School Activities Department Maryam Al-Enezi.


The draw included six winners in the teachers' category and six winners in the students' category. The number of participants in the teachers' category totaled 1,038; however, the conditions of the competition and the correct answers were applied to only 393 individuals.


Meanwhile, the number of participating students reached 1,744 while the conditions of the competition were applied to 438 individuals.


The KOC PR Team organized the competition, which included questions about November 6th, which marks the anniversary of extinguishing of the last burning oil well after the invasion. The competition was held over a period of two weeks during the month of November 2021, and all teachers and students in government schools and religious institutes were eligible to participate.

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