An office-based mock emergency exercise for parties involved in the offshore drilling project

The Organization Resilience Team, in cooperation with the Exploration and Drilling Directorate, organized three workshops, which consisted of an office-based emergency mock exercise for the parties involved in the offshore drilling project, headed by DCEO Exploration and Drilling, Eng. Ahmed Al-Eidan.

1.jpgThe exercise targeted the Teams concerned with response, incident management, crisis management, and all relevant personnel, where TL Organization Resilience, Nasser Al-Buhairi, with the participation of Consultant Jim Morrison, and Emergency Response Coordinator Khaled Hadi, conducted an emergency office exercise to further prepare employees and responders in the offshore drilling project in the event of any emergency, by explaining the emergency plan procedures for project operations.

2.jpgThe three events were attended by all concerned Group Managers and Team Leaders related to the organizational structure of the Organization Resilience Team, in addition to those working in the response Teams.

3.jpgManager Deep Drilling Group, Eng. Bader Al-Mutairi, praised the results of the exercises, as well as the efforts of all employees to prepare and implement the emergency plan and related exercises.

4.jpgFor his part, Al-Buhairi thanked the Exploration and Drilling Directorate for its efforts to ensure the office emergency exercises' success, due to its role in the process of controlling any emergency that requires activating an emergency plan to ensure the continuity of the Company's business and prevent any losses

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