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Kuwait Oil Company
Kuwait Oil Company's Responsibilities under the KPC's Umbrella involve the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas within the State of Kuwait. The Company is also involved in the storage of crude oil and delivery to tankers for export

KOC Diving Team Visits the Marine Colony

As part of KOC’s commitment to preserving the marine environment, the Permanent Committee of the KOC Diving Team recently visited the Marine Colony, which is an offshore environmental reserve the Company established a number of years ago.  

The purpose of the visit was to determine the current state of the reserve, in addition to carrying out any maintenance as required. The Diving Team’s Permanent Committee, which is affiliated with the Marine Operations Group, includes a number of employees from various KOC Groups and Teams.

It should be noted that the visit was conducted in full accordance with all health requirements and procedures required by the Ministry of Health in order to help limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  

KOC is the first oil company in the world to establish a Marine Colony. The successful establishment of the colony has helped protect the State of Kuwait’s marine environment, in addition to increasing the biodiversity of Kuwait’s territorial waters.