About Us

We are lucky to be a part of the Kuwait Oil Company Ahmadi Hospital.

We have many goals to achieve, but what is more important than achieving those goals is to sustain them and firmly incorporate them in into our practice.

Patient safety serves as the corner stone upon which all of our other goals are built. Other achievements in the absence of this goal are considered futile; otherwise, there is no speed limit on the road of success.

We encourage our members to be exposed to the clinical educators in anesthesia from North America and Europe to keep the wheel of education rolling to benefit all the other members of our department. Therefore, we wish success to our candidates who are preparing to sit the anesthesia boards in Ireland, UK and North America and hope that others follow serious steps towards their continuous medical education.

Our members are working hard in upgrading our services to match and compete with international standards. The new services include the acute pain service, regional anesthesia, bariatric service, ICU system, and critical care rapid response team.

These are multiple goals and challenges that we are striving to see running and successful, but goals cannot be achieved over one night, therefore no night should pass without an achievement, as it has always been said.


Reaching to a perfection degree in medical services provided to our patients updated to the recent advances in medical techniques with their safety insurance.


  • Implement of North American standards in Anaesthesia & Critical Care medicine.
  • Keep direct liaison with Kuwaiti Institute of Medical Specialization (KIMS) and apply their standards.
  • Invite prominent international visiting professors in Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain medicine.
  • Encouraging staff to develop through training and workshops.
  • Build feedback system with our patients

Services :

1. ICU :

Our ICU consists of 12 beds and 2 isolations. It provides the top medical service to critically ill patients. The ICU has its own highly specialized medical team which consists of ICU consultants working in a semi-closed system with qualified nursing staff and allied health services such as Respiratory therapists, Nutrition team and Physiotherapy.

The unit receives at critically ill patients from different domains such as general surgical, medical, gynecological and trauma.

Visiting hours:
Day Time
Sunday – Thursday from 4 – 7 PM
Weekend/Holiday from 2 – 6 PM
Medical Team follow up Sunday-Thursday from 12-1 PM

    2. Main OT and anesthesia:

    The 13 operation rooms are utilized for the following:

  • Ophthalmology surgeries
  • General Orthopedics, trauma and Hand surgery
  • Urology surgeries
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology surgeries
  • Dental surgeries
  • GI scopes (Upper + Lower)
  • ENT surgeries
  • Spinal, vascular and Thoracic surgery
  • Pediatric surgery
  • Chronic pain management & procedures
  • Regular International visitors for Ophthalmology & Orthopedic departments.

3. Conscious Sedation Service:

Provides a safe sedation & monitoring for endoscopy unit, Interventional radiology and MRI patients

4. Acute Pain Services:

One of the advantages of the new Ahmadi Hospital that it has a new specialized team to manage surgical postoperative pain under the impel of surgery without pain. Methods used vary between PCA, Epidurals and U/S guided regional nerve blocks.