Kuwait Oil Company is committed through the medical group to aspire to be the top in Kuwait and the region by providing quality and efficiency hospital medical emergency services. To achieve this goal, the medical group have raised the competency of their staff by providing the latest equipment’s and machinery to keep pace with the ongoing advances in this field. They were also keen in providing urgent medical care for all employees outside the hospital by covering all company’s work areas. They also developed non urgent services by transferring patients on timely manners.

They are also responsible for the proper preparation for accidents and disasters by the preparation of plans, training, equipment and machinery with taking rules and regulations of the Kuwait Oil Company and the laws of the state of Kuwait into account.


Ambulance control room

It is responsible to receive all emergency and non-emergency calls and through it all daily routine and non-routine such as emergencies and disasters calls are organized. An appropriate response is sent to each report according to the site needs and the information received by the control room. The control room is equipped with all wireless and wired communications means and global programs that receive the claim and the medical directions through the phone tell the arrival of the ambulance vehicle.

Ambulance stations

Ambulance stations are located strategically at 10 different areas to cover different areas of operation of Kuwait Oil Company to be at the site on stand-by when necessary in cases of gas leaks, fires and other incidents where safety is an issue.

Ambulance Services

Our commitment to safety is not limited to the operation of Kuwait Oil Company. Ambulance Services also extends this commitment to the community by providing ambulance teams to events and gatherings. Our Team of Instructors regularly conduct First Aid Awareness to schools and other institutions.

KOC Ambulance Stations Locations