To work as one team to provide the best clinical nutritional care to all oil sector employees and their families. To provide advices on the safety and quality of foods served to all hospitalized patients.

The Dietary Unit at Ahmadi Hospital provides the best professional clinical nutritional care for in and outpatients.

We are a team of eight dietitians with different specialties; bariatric, weight management by diet, renal, cardiac, pediatric, diabetes, and cancer.


  1. Medical Nutrition Therapy Services for outpatients and inpatients.
  2. Nutritional Counseling for outpatients including maternity, diabetes, obesity, bariatric, cardiac, pediatric, renal, liver.
  3. Home-Care Visits for diseased and bed-ridden patients.
  4. Conducting health talks for medical staff, catering personnel, patients, employees and schools.
  5. liaising with other hospital departments like the promotion unit to conduct awareness activities and campaigns.