Medical Facilities Services team is the team that provides direct services to the staff of the medical group, such as human resources and indirect services, such as maintenance. The team is also responsible for following-up the needs and demands of patients, visitors and staff of the medical group. In addition, the team pursue the needs of the medical facilities associated with the maintenance and services group. Furthermore, the team form contract with external companies through the administration of the main company to meet the needs of the departments of labor and staff. The medical facility team provides nutrition services to hospital patients, visitors, employees and guests.


Maintenance Division:


  • Provides regular maintenance to the hospital buildings and associated facilities affiliate of renovations, expansion or add new positions belonging to employees or auditors hospital.
  • Distribution of oxygen cylinders to the patients who use it at their homes after completing the required official procedure and resupply them when needed.
  • Refiling the empty oxygen cylinders to the wards and hospital main clinics, and outpatient clinics in wafrah, west and north Kuwait and organization clinics.
  • Handling cases of death, where the bodies of those who died of natural causes which were transferred from the hospital wards to the morgue is handed over to their families. Or those who arrive to the hospital due to work related accidents or car accidents or died at home are being handed over to the criminal evidence.
  • Conduct inspection tours to the hospital buildings to ensure meeting the ministry of health standards.

Catering and contract Division :

The unit is responsible to provide dietitian services for the hospital patients, guests and staff through offering meals from the hospita l kitchen which is supervised by the hospital nutrition team. The unit is also responsible for signing the necessary contracts to meet the needs of the required department, and oxygen cylinders contracts to meet the hospital needs.


  • Provide regular and special meals to the hospital patients.
  • Provide meals to hospital staff.
  • Provide meals to hospital visitors and VIPs.
  • Prepare hospital invoices.
  • Make shoes and official hospital uniforms orders for hospital staff.
  • Distribute patient’s gifts to hospital patients in Eid Al-Adha, Eid Al-Fitr and the National Day.
  • Distribute “grgean” to pediatric wards patients.
  • Ensure the provision of especial meals by coordination with the dietitian department.
  • Organize lunch buffet for hospital staff to strengthen the ties between the employees.