Medical Procurement Team provide knowledgeable, customer-focused, timely and cost effective quality service in a professional and responsible manner to improve and enhance patient care by supporting all aspects of patient care related technology. The department goal is to be the technical liaison, reference and resource for all clinical equipment.


Medical Procurement section:

  • Accountable for procuring or leasing all the medical equipment to the Medical Group.
  • Accountable for procuring all consumables for the Medical Equipment.
  • Accountable for Petty Cash Purchase of all Medical Items related to Medical Group

Preventive Maintenance Contracts:

Our Responsibility

Guarantee the highest standards of patient care in Ahmadi Hospital through advanced medical equipment and latest technologies.

Our Duties

  • Routine preventive maintenance of all Ahmadi Hospital medical equipment as per manufacturer’s recommendations and standards of procedure.
  • Timely repairs of medical equipment by trained personnel to prevent any downtime and provide the highest level of patient care 24/7.
  • Implement international healthcare standards and KOC policies and procedures for all preventive maintenance and equipment repairs.
  • Ensure that the preventive maintenance and repair of medical equipment is done via highly-skilled, trained and authorized local service providers.

Where to find us?

We are located in New Ahmadi Hospital Ground Floor (Level 0)

Our Team:

  1. Eng. Abdulrahman Abutaleb Senior Biomedical Engineer
  2. Eng. Ali Shehab Biomedical Engineer
  3. Eng. Farah Almutairi Biomedical Engineer
  4. Eng. Ahmad Al-Qallaf Biomedical Engineer
  5. Eng. Abdulhadee Contracts Engineer
  6. Eng. Mohammad Bitar Biomedical Engineer
  7. George Paul Technical Assistant
  8. Faisal Tamas Technical Assistant

Biomedical Workshop and Home care section:

It is responsible to provide repair/ preventive maintenance services to the medical equipment under biomedical workshop responsibility and provide the Home Care patients with the needed information and medical equipment which might be needed for their Home care use.

Medical Supplies section:

It is responsible to provide the medical group with the medical supplies consumables.