Admin & Career Development Team:

A&CD Team facilitates all Medical Group administrative issues related to HR, Finance & Training & Development with the corresponding KOC Admin Directorate Groups.


Admin Unit

  • Handling Medical Group correspondence related to Human Resources and Training & Career Development.
  • Evaluates Ahmadi Hospital Manpower needs.
  • Responsible for Medical Group employees ID passes issuance.
  • Correspond with Ministry of Health, Practice License Dept. to Issue Practice Licenses for Clinical Staff.
  • Correspond with Radiation Protection Dept. to Issue Practice License for Medical Equipment’s and clinical staff operators.

Career Development Unit:

  • Responsible for coordinating & facilitating Training for all Medical Group Employees, through various Training Activities defined in each employee’s Personal Development Plan or according to the Group’s Business Needs; aiding Ahmadi Hospital towards achieving excellence as a Healthcare services provider.
  • Training Activities can vary between Clinical Attachments; Management & Technical Courses; First Aid Training; Hands-on Training; Health, Safety, Security & Environment Awareness/Training Courses, Online Self-Learning & Universities/Colleges’ Students Training Programs.

Contracts Unit:

Medical Group Ahmadi Hospital, accommodates several VIP & Secondee Consultants to continuously improve the medical sector.

  • VIP Visitors are our international visiting consultants who visit Ahmadi Hospital for a period of 5 days at most to provide their medical services, they continuously help improve and develop the medical sector at the Hospital.
  • They are handpicked by our VIP Committee to assure that they are the best globally.
  • VIP Visitors tend to the most difficult and rarest medical cases, provide experience and share new knowledge and technologies to our resident staff through lectures and workshops
  • Secondee Consultants are our local deputized consultants who are employed full time at Kuwait University or Ministry of Health. After the approval of the VIP Committee is obtained, the Secondees attend Ahmadi Hospital to provide their services.
  • They provide further clinics which decrease the waiting time for patients appointments, and they tend to the rarest medical cases
  • Secondee Consultants official working hours are past 2pm.

Finance Unit:

Handles Expanse Claims related to Medical Treatment costs incurred outside Ahmadi Hospital:

  • Eye Glasses
  • Hearing Aids
  • Other Expense Claims
  • Process Medical Equipment and treatment invoices for patients referred outside Ahmadi Hospital (Local Referral).
  • Responsible for processing and finalizing Medical Group Employees Overtime and Allowances.


Responsible for Medical Check-up for newly joined employees & for contractors (upon their return from their annual leaves).

Public Relations Unit:

  • Addresses Ahmadi Hospital visitors & Patients enquiries.
  • Escorts Ahmadi Hospital VIP visitors.
  • Monitors patients’ visiting hours in Hospital wards.
  • Overall supervision over Ahmadi Hospital parking areas assigned to patients, ambulances, and special needs vehicles.
  • Provides additional services for elderly & special needs.
  • Supports all Medical Group departments in organizing events, courses, etc.

Sick Leaves & Compensation Unit:

  • Reviews & process Medical Insurance claims.
  • Receives & processes work-related injuries & sick leaves of K-Companies’ employees from Compensation & Personnel Admin Teams for endorsement by Ahmadi Hospital Physicians & Manager (Medical Group) Approval.

Social Welfare Unit:

  • Educating patients on the levels of healthcare (i.e. acute, sub-acute, and home care).
  • Helps patients/families adjust to hospital admission; possible role changes; exploring emotional/social responses to illness & treatment.
  • Helps patients and families understand the illness & treatment options, as well as consequences of various treatments or refusal.
  • Offers consultations aiming towards patients’ psychological & social well-being.