Children are special, and so are the care and attention that they need when they are ill.

Having a child in the hospital can be overwhelming , and our staff is dedicated to support you during this stressful time .The care provided is age -appropriate and sensitive to the needs of our children. 

The general pediatric unit is designed to meet those special needs through its unique services. These service is being provided by an elite of qualified staff . Nurses, pediatrician, specialists and subspecialists who work together to provide the best care possible for their patients in a warm ,compassionate ,family-centered environment.

The current pediatric unit comprise 32 beds th​at are distributed among general and private rooms, isolation rooms and High Dependency Unit (HDU) / Pediatric Intensive Care Unit( PIC) . 

The unit is also serving other medical fields in the hospital that are dealing with pediatric age group . ( eg , Surgery , Dental , ENT , and others).