Respira​tory Care Services Mission
The mission of Respiratory Care Services at The Ahmadi Hospital is to provide highest level of patient/family centered care, support, and customer service to the patients of The Ahmadi Hospital. In this environment, we utilize collaborative and inclusive approaches to develop and encourage a stimulating environment that promotes interdisciplinary professional relationships to provide patient care and transform the health care environment. 

Respiratory Care Services Vision
To cultivate an innovative environment that provides high-value patient and family centered care using open communication with respect, collaboration, and integrity with all members of the healthcare team.

About Respiratory Care Services

• Respiratory Care Services (RCS) at The Ahmadi Hospital is a unit of Medical Support Services. The RCS unit is separated into three specialized areas: 1. Adult and Pediatric critical care, 2.Medical and surgical wards, 3. Pulmonary Function/Sleep disorder diagnostics. The unit consists of 8 RCPs which includes 1 Chief RT and 7 RT’s. RCPs provide services to intensive care unit, cardiac care unit, and emergency department, several intermediate care areas, and Medical and Surgical wards. RCPS are also members of cardiopulmonary arrest teams, and transport teams. 

Respiratory Care Services (RCS) at The Ahmadi Hospital additionally provides our physician with accurate, timely and convenient diagnostic testing and treatments for the hospital inpatients and outpatients includes:

• Mechanical ventilation/Noninvasive ventilation (Bi-pap/CPAP)
• Drawing ABG’s analyzing and reporting results
• Pulmonary function testing (PFT) using most advanced technology
• 6 Minute Walk test 
• Sleep disorder diagnostics
• Pulmonary Hygiene
• Oximetry and ETCO2 monitoring
• Pulmonary Rehab Program
• Cardio-pulmonary maintenance program
• COPD education

We invite you to browse our webpage and learn more about Respiratory Care Services at The Ahmadi Hospital.