Ahmadi Hospital Medical Laboratory is committed to give an excellent service to all Oil sector employees & their families with high quality and save environment.

Medical Laboratory Goals

  • The patient wellbeing is our priority
  • In order to ensure improvement of laboratory service quality, medical laboratory participate in CAP (PT- proficiency testing) to maximize the confidence in our test results. Also, participate in Ministry of Health internal QC testing.
  • Promote occupational health services thru insuring a safe working area.
  • Continual development of human resources by conducting a training program for each employee.


Medical Laboratory is serving all outpatient clinics from 7 am until 3 pm, and serving inpatients 24/7.

Medical Laboratory divided into 5 section.


Biochemistry Section is usually the largest and most automated of all laboratory department, doing routine testing on blood, urine, and other body fluids for patients.


The Hematology section is providing a wide range of tests for the diagnosis and treatment of blood cells and coagulation disorders. The section consist of automated and manual analysis of blood cells

Blood bank

Ahmadi hospital has a direct contact with Kuwait Central Blood Bank. Yearly two or more for blood donation campaigns arranged to enrich our storage of blood pints for KOC patients.


Ahmadi hospital attends high standards of performance in all serology & immunology sections to satisfy our patients with accurate results for monitoring their cases and recovery with qualitative, quantitative & Eliza techniques.

Histology & Cytology

The Histopathology & cytology section provides comprehensive diagnostic services for a wide range of biopsy, necropsy and cytology submission.


The microbiology laboratory scientific staff specialize in testing clinical specimens such as urine, blood, tissues and swabs for microorganisms and other evidence of infection.

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