HIMS Team Overview

The Health Information Management System (HIMS) Team is led by Mrs. Samah Al-Duwaisan, TL (HIMS), and is one of the key divisions at Ahmadi Hospital. The division is dedicated to the improvement of healthcare quality and safety through the best use of proven, cost-effective information technology and management systems.

Established in 2006, the core functionality of HIMS Team is to acquire, analyse and protect digital and traditional medical information vital to providing quality patient care. With its highly trained professionals, it offers the latest in healthcare informatics technology applications based on carefully studied healthcare workflows across the hospital. This is a vital pillar of the daily operations management of health information and electronic medical records. HIMS Team has helped Ahmadi Hospital become a pioneer in Kuwait by replacing traditional (paper-based) medical records with electronic medical records.

This was done through the introduction of a sophisticated Hospital Information System (HIS) in 2008. Since then, the system grew stronger by integrating more applications and incorporating more workflows, which has taken Ahmadi Hospital one step closer to a paperless environment.


Our vision is to provide optimum, advanced, comprehensive, timely and cost effective healthcare informatics services built on state of the art technology solutions for Ahmadi Hospital’s healthcare providers and all oil sector employees and their dependents.


  • To ensure a high standard of medical care services rendered inside Ahmadi Hospital by facilitating the technology needed to provide these services reliably and securely.
  • To provide a paperless environment for all healthcare providers at Ahmadi Hospital by maintaining a comprehensive Health Information System that integrates with all medical equipment used.
  • To ensure that direct patient services are offered with a high degree of satisfaction.

Organization Chart


1) Health Informatics (HI) Unit:

The unit is headed by Mrs. Abeer Al-Kandari, Senior HIMS Officer and it includes 3 subunits, the Health Information Technology (HIT) and Graphic Design unit, those subunits are managed by Mr. Mohammad Al-Hashemi (HIMS Officer), and Health Information systems (HIS)/ (PACS)

The unit plays a crucial role in delivering the best support to the hospital users’ community. This includes the 24/7 support, Help Desk Calls, HIS Support (MEDITECH, PACS, DentiMax, EMS), Network & Communication, Hardware Support, Medical Group Portal Support, Ahmadi Hospital Website ,Publishing announcements in KOC Portal and Ahmadi Hospital Website, etc.

The Health Information system (HIS) subunit is responsible for the integrated Hospital Information System (HIS) used in the hospital by all the clinical and admin staff to deliver the best care to the K-Companies staff and their families. The benefits of the HIS system include information improvement, efficiency increase, cost reduction, and decision making improvement.

2) Health Information Management (HIM)

The unit is headed by Ms. Mona Mubarak, Senior HIMS Officer and it includes 3 subunits: Medical Records, Document Imaging management system (DIMS) and Health Statistics, Those subunits are managed by Mrs. Badreyah Alsaffar (HIMS Officer).

Medical Records & Eligibility (MR) subunit is involved in the daily handling of the medical records eligibilities of all K-Companies employees and their families. Securely manage and maintain all medical documents and reports related to the patient in physical and electronic forms. Activate/Deactivate the medical records according to the official memos received from all K-Companies. Using Advanced Hospital Information Systems allows the hospital to be a pioneer in electronic medical records.

The Documents Imaging Management System (DIMS) subunit manages the documents scanning throughout the entire hospital including external documents, and excel to achieve a paperless environment.

The Health Statistics subunit role is very important in preparing and publishing the MOH Health Statistics, Management Health Statistics and Financial Health Statistics for the hospital, patients, specialties, physicians, and K-Companies which can result in different studies and impact decision making process. This subunit uses Microsoft Power BI that is a business analytics solution, lets us visualize data and share insights across KOC portal. Microsoft Power BI is connected to hundreds of data sources to bring data to life with live dashboards and reports.

3) Patient Information and Management Unit

The unit is headed by Mrs. Aisha Al-Bisher, Senior HIMS Officer and it includes 2 subunits: Reception and Patient Information Management Centre (PIMC) (E'temed Office), those subunits are managed by Mrs. Badreyah AlHaqqan (HIMS Officer).

The Reception unit responsibility includes the handling of the decentralized receptions (Specialized outpatients Clinics, GP, PMS, SAH and A&E), booking appointments, reminder calls to the patients, and updating patients’ data in the HIS.

Patient Information Management Centre (PIMC) is a customer-focused, easy to find, one-place Centre where the patients and hospital visitors can request various services:

The range of Services that are provided in PIMC:

  • Request and Receipt of Medical Reports.
  • Request To Whom It May Concern.
  • Release of Medical Information.

The location for E’temed office:

  • General Ahmadi Hospital.
  • South well / specialized Ahmadi Hospital.

Working hours:

From Sunday to Thursday, starting at 7:00am to 3:00pm.

4) Clinic Management & Call Centre

The unit is headed by Mrs. Samah Al-Duwaisan, TL (HIMS) and it includes 2 subunits: Clinic Management & Call Centre, those subunits are managed by Mrs. Sarah Al-Qattan (HIMS Officer). Clinics Management subunit is mainly responsible for the building and arrangement of the outpatient specialties clinics in HIS system.

The role of Call Centre subunit is managing inbound and/or outbound calls, following various communication scripts when speaking to a caller, patient engagement, identifying patient needs, answering questions and providing solutions/alternatives to issues.

5) Clinical Documentation Quality Unit:

This Unit is headed by Mr. Nasser Al-Shayegi, Senior HIMS Officer, it includes 2 subunits HIMS Manpower Contract and Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) that is managed by Mr. Sharif Al-sager,

The Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) subunit is responsible for all the abstracting of inpatient and outpatient cases seen in the hospital, The role of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) is to ensure the quality of this information to be documented and corrected when needed, by using the International Classification of Diseases issued by the World Health Organization to facilitate the classification of diseases and health problems.

The Role of HIMS Manpower Contract is the financial monitoring and control of the contracts, ensuring Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality compliance is maintained and the procedures and objectives are achieved.


As part of the HIMS Team effort to adopt revolutionary technology solution for IT management, below is a list of the upcoming projects:

  • HIS integration with more than 223 Medical equipment in New Ahmadi Hospital
  • Physician & Patient Portal
  • Self-Registration KIOSK
  • New Specialized Modules, such as Ophthalmology system
  • Mobile Devices