The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at New Ahmadi Hospital is dedicate to provide 24/7 with the most advanced care from routine to complex gynecology and obstetrics.

The Obstetrics & Gynecology Section has the most advanced equipment in order to provide the best practice in the field.


We provide the full range of services for comprehensive, inpatient & outpatient, patient-focused management of gynecologic conditions, including:

  1. Ultrasound and pregnancy follow up clinics.
  2. Gynecology clinics.
  3. Family Planning clinics.
  4. Infertility clinics.
  5. Colposcopy clinic.
  6. Urodynamic clinic.
  7. Osteoporosis clinic.
  8. Ante-natal care service
  9. Emergency OBS & GYN.
  10. Gestational diabetic clinic